Kimchi is a

Traditional Korean Fermented Vegetable,

which is supposed to be naturally fermented.

It creates natural healthy probiotics while it is fermented. Many types of vegetable can be turned into ‘Kimchi’ such as radish, cucumber and spring onion but the most common vegetable used is Chinese Leaves (Napa Cabbage).

Fermentation creates a wonderful pungent flavour that gives Kimchi its unique taste when mixed with the versatile flavours of garlic, chilli pepper and spring onions.

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Health benefits of


  • Has Vitamin A, B, C
  • Contains healthy bacteria lactobacillus, which can help digestion and gut health.
  • Can support a good immune system as Kimchi contains garlic and chilli peppers.
  • Things that are NOT in traditional naturally fermented Kimchi:

    • Vinegar
    • Soy Bean Paste/Miso
    • Gochujang – Chilli Pepper Paste
    • Alcohol

    The above ingredients are NOT included in traditional Kimchi. They may disturb the natural fermentation process and change the natural taste of Kimchi.

    Beauty of

    Fermentation Process

    First, we need to brine the cabbage or any other vegetable you are using, here, let’s say cabbage. Salted cabbage draws out excess water in the cabbage, making it crunchy and creates an environment that kills harmful bacteria. Only good bacteria ‘lactobacillus’ can thrive in these conditions! Chilli Pepper (Gochugaru) and garlic is then added to add complex and vibrant flavour.

    During the natural fermentation process, good bacteria ‘lactobacillus’ creates lactic acid as their by-product, which lowers the PH, giving Kimchi its distinct tanginess.

    Lactobacillus also makes carbon dioxide, which creates bubbles. This sometimes causes the Kimchi juices to overflow when opening due to pressure building up in the jar. The fizziness indicates that the fermentation is successfully taking place. Once you get that sour, tangy taste, it is best to refrigerate as it is the sign of fully fermented Kimchi. Kimchi tastes much better when served cold! Enjoy the live bacteria in MR. KIMCHI products! 

    Kimchi is so versatile.

    There are so many ways you can use Kimchi.

    You can enjoy Kimchi straight from the jar as a compliment to your next meal or you can cook using Kimchi to bring extra depth of flavour to your dish. Kimchi pancake is a traditional Korean dish where you use Kimchi and flour to make a delicious savoury Kimchi pancake. See our Kimchi recipes for more amazing Kimchi dishes! 

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