Choose your favourite Korean Meal Kits that suits your special occasion or cravings!
Every ingredients will be delivered with recipe card to create a restaurant quality Korean dish at your comfort home.

Korean BBQ Kits

Our Korean BBQ Kits are proportioned for 2 people.
Each BBQ Kit has: Marinated Meat (400g) / 330g Original Kimchi jar x 1 / Classic Ssamjang (Soybean paste) dipping sauce pot
You will need: A pan, Lettuce (Optional), Steamed rice (Optional)

Korean Night Feast

Our Korean Night Feast Kit is a perfect treat for the speical night!
Kits will include: Starter / Mains / 330g Original Kimchi jar / Korean Crispy Seaweed snack / Steamed rice / Korean drinks
You will need: A pan, Lettuce (Optional), Spring onion (Optional)