Made Fresh Everyday

Manufacturing begins on the early morning of the dispatch day. We always send out unfermented Kimchi to keep freshness the most!

So, unlike the Kimchi you find in supermarkets, which are probably fully fermented already, our kimchi’s fermentation literally starts during transit.

We choose this method so our customers can enjoy Kimchi when the level of probiotics are its highest. (When Kimchi is fully fermented, the level of probiotics start to go down due to its prolonged acidic condition)

Also, you can choose your perfect Kimchi taste as it ferments at home. Some people like it very sour, some don’t.

Find your perfect Kimchi taste and enjoy!

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Next Weekday Delivery Service

Our trusted courier will deliver your product on the next working day with one-hour delivery window, notified by SMS and email, so you don’t have to wait at home all day.

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Our Kimchi is 100% Naturally Fermented

Once you receive our fresh Kimchi, slightly unscrew the lid to let the natural gas out formed during fermentation process and leave the Kimchi at room temperature for 2-3 days to be fermented.

When you see bubbles in the jar, you’ll know proper fermentation is happening!

Time to enjoy the probiotics when it is at its peak

Once it is properly fermented, please store the Kimchi in fridge and serve cold! You can enjoy our Kimchi straight from the jar or to add as a complement for your meal. We recommend to consume within 15 days of opening.

If you don’t want to have your Kimchi straight away, please unscrew the lid slightly and store the Kimchi in fridge (at 0-5 Celcius). You can transfer the Kimchi in an air-tight container and store in fridge as well. Just make sure the pressure doesn’t build up by the natural gas formed during fermentation process.

Kimchi will still ferment over time in your fridge at a very slow rate.