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Kimjang, Culture created by Kimchi

Kimjang is an annual event held to make large amounts of kimchi in preparation for the winter in South Korea. In ancient times, when food storage options were very limited, Kimchi was a major side dish during winter. Well fermented Kimchi served as a good source of protein, vitamins and other nutrients during the winter […]

What kinds of ingredients are used to make Kimchi?

In general, kimchi is made using Chinese leaves (Napa cabbage) or radish as the primary ingredient, with red chilli pepper powder, garlic and spring onions used as supplementary ingredients. Baechu Kimchi (Chinese leaves Kimchi), which is the most common ingredient of kimchi, is particularly high in moisture, accounting for 95% of its weight, and is […]

Kimchi, Pickling or Fermenting?

Pickling and Fermenting are both an excellent way to preserve food and both create a wonderful, tangy taste in result. Due to its tangy taste, people often misunderstand Kimchi as pickle. Pickles are made by salting vegetables and soaking them in water with spices, vinegar and sugar. They are normally preserved in solutions in salinity. […]